Am Ster Dam

Am Ster Dam

…an excerpt

“Walking around a city can fill people with tension and a sense of urgency that stems from the rush and hustle of everyday city life. This city seems to lack any sense of this urgency. There is a somber movement within the residents and the city tempo is further away from panic than can be expected inside any major capitol. I can only assume that this sense of tranquility comes from the common cannabis plumes that fill the streets. The city itself is built like a spiders web, cut in half, with rows upon rows of u-shaped canals, extending into miles of confusing and disorienting streets. Wherever we tended to be, it was near a calming body of water set amongst historic stone bridges and cobblestone streets. It is impossible to not feel at ease when walking in such romantic beauty. The only danger at hand is avoiding the city trams that slide through the streets and the million cyclists pedaling down the bike roads on their tackily decorated bicycles. The ‘dings’ of their bells ring throughout the day.”


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