Game of BC Thrones

BC Politics right now…  wow.  I’d rather watch Game of Thrones.

Did you watch the BC Elections Debate the other night?  Was anybody else as uncomfortable as I was?

I went into the hour and a half with my opinions of these leaders, based on their platforms and what I am subjected to ad nauseum in the media, and since watching these 4 people “debate” on TV, my opinions have grown and I feel even more confused.

I dont think much can be said for Mr Cummins… I mean, Let’s face it, he was simply an old, stumbly, mud-slinging politician who, in my guess, reached the old, stumbly, mud-slingin population of die-hard conservatives who are eager to rape our lands and teeter over the edge of the right wing.  Why not seat a younger, more hipster Conservative leader who may, just may, reach some of our younger population.  Would that even help?

Now, let’s chat about dear Premier Christy Clarke.  Holy sh*t is that Liberal woman ever well-spoken!  Maybe a little too well-spoken.  She reminded me of an Austin Powers FemBot… beautiful, well-spoken, and dangerous. I was just waiting for her breasts to transform into machine guns and blow her competition away… all while staring deeply into the camera and our eyes within it, smiling with her beautiful smile.  Was she selling me a cheap diamond ring, or perhaps some gym equipment that I will never use?  It felt like an infomercial gone wrong, like Uncle Sam pointing at me saying “I want YOU! BC.” You, You You… its all about you BC.  And while she speaks the truth, that this election should be about the citizens of British Columbia, I somehow don’t trust her.  It must be that oh-so-perfect demeaner.  There simply has to be a devil inside.

Adrian Dix of the NDP… I admit, I heart the NDP platform.. it speaks to me.  But do I really want to trip over his last name every time I say it.  Does that make anyone else feel awkward.  “Who is running your province?”… “Dix.”   He sounded rehearsed, naturally… but that jilted and skippy presentation led me to doubt whether or not he has it in him to be the voice of BC.  The voice of BC needs to speak clearly, with intention, and without that nervous shake.  Like the FemBot, perhaps, but with a touch of human nature. I found myself yelling at the screen for this guy to “ANSWER THE QUESTION!!” or “JUST LET THE WOMAN TALK!!”  It felt like I was watching siblings scrap over who really broke the lamp.  All of my faith in Dix (awkward) was shaken in one single moment.  Clarke and Dix were yammering on about something, over-talkin’ the other, and Dix sarcastically, and childishly, laugh/scoffed at Clarke.  What the F was that Adrian?  Hold you composer dammit!  It was a single second, but it showed me a side of him that made me question his character enough to lean… uh… in some other direction.

Then, sitting patiently and quietly to the right, was Jane Sterk… the lovely leader of the always so far away Green Party.  If I were judging these 4 politicians by their presentation (which I am) I would have to admit that I was far greater attracted to Sterk.  She felt honest, aware, educated, and hopeful of a better and healthier Canada, plus she looked awesome in that royal Purple top she donned.  DAYUM!!  She made good points.  She spoke well, she didnt scoff, she didnt fight… but did she do enough?  Well, she did “Favorite” my Tweet about her awesome purple shirt… I suppose she gets some brownie points there.

Anywho… through my judgements of these 4 people’s demeanour, I am now further away from a decision as to who I am going to vote for.  I wish I had not even watched it.  It felt like an “I will, she wont, I didn’t, she did, He failed, She failed, I admit failure, She may fail, I am going to, He will Not” mess of madness.  How can we ever know what they are going to do? Winning someone over is the easy part (maybe) but keeping people is where the struggle really begins.

Clearly, having the choice of these 4 people is better than being ruled by some vindictive king with tiny lips like King Geoffrey in the Game of Thrones (Gawd, I hate him).  Clearly this cramped choice is better than a dictatorship.  A choice of 4 is better than no choice at all.  Democracy is about the voice of the people, but I don’t know if I want any of those 4 people being my voice.

I want to know, in all truth, what these people will do for our country.  i do not want to know what has or hasn’t been done in the past, or what the other person did that shamed his or her name.  Stop telling me what they didn’t do, and tell me what you are going to do… and how.  Otherwise, I somehow get lost in the political battlefield and curl up in a fetal position and wish for another episode of that dramatic Game of Thrones… cause, let’s face it… gay sex, dragons, magic, zombies, war, heroes and villains are far more interesting.  At least when Khaleesi or Rob Stark talk, i don’t question them.

How is it that I trust this TV series more than I trust our politics.  There must  be an issue here.  Perhaps Dix and Cummins should joust (and, no, that isn’t some sexual expression).


To the ballot box I go… if only I could send a raven in my stead.






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