In a Flash of Lightning

…An excerpt from my Travelogue Enjoy The Journey

        Last night there was a very large storm, a monsoon I believe them to be called over here. The lightening lit up the whole sky in a way that I have never seen before.  I was fascinated, and frightened.  I was away from Him at this point and spending time with the friend from Vancouver.  She and I thought that it would be a brilliant idea to go down to the seashore and really feel the storm.  Her inner unease had talked her out of the plan, and, as it started to rain, she made her way back to her guesthouse right next to mine. I went to drop off my camera and important goods, and then off into the weather went.

     This storm did not take time to get fierce. Almost instantly the rain was surging from the black skies.  Never before have I seen or felt rain so strong, nor so warm, it was harder and thicker than any bathroom shower.  I ran and I ran and I ran.  I was soaked in seconds.  My heart was pounding and I could not ignore the rush of intensity pulsing through my body.  The thunder clapped to an earth shaking degree.  Light filled the sky for seconds, strike after strike the surroundings came into view.  As I arrived to the shore I began to realize how scared I actually was.  I saw Thai women hiding against cement beams that were holding up huts. I copied their procedure and ran to the nearest shelter.  I found myself hiding behind this cement structure, crouching and hugging it for warmth as it was still radiating from the day’s sun.  Wind was whipping past me, causing rain to ride the wind, making its way into my shelter.  The street lights were light sensitive so with every lightning strike, they would blink off.  I was inside a monstrous, wet strobe; the world was flashing before me.   I could see bolts of lightening striking the sea, or what I hoped was the sea.  I looked up into the sky and into a mass of clouds, and at that moment the lightning flashed.  I could see the shape of a face in the clouds, seemingly looking at me.

       I have had dreams in the past, of lightning, and of its immense power, and I felt blessed and touched by that power that night.  I know that this sounds far-fetched and ‘Hollywood’ and that a face in the clouds seems hallucinogenic, but if you were where I stood, seeing what I saw at that moment, feeling what I felt at that moment, you would understand the power of that face. I knew, at that moment, that I do have the power within me to survive this.  The power surrounds me.  I felt totally liberated.

      I am on my own today.  That storm last night filled me with so much strength and empowerment that I was able to say goodbye and stay behind as He and the friend went to another island, in another place away from where I would be.  I am on my own; I am not alone.  I had been anxious about that moment of separation for a while now, but when the moment arrived, after the previous night’s power, it was as simple as wishing it.   They packed their bags and we shared a breakfast.  I hugged His friend, who has now became mine, not knowing if I am to ever see her again. I hugged Him, knowing that it was going to be the last.  I watched them walk away.

      I did it.  My journey begins


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2 thoughts on “In a Flash of Lightning

  1. I don’t think I know Him anymore. Still it was the beginning of the Him that he is today.

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