PRIDE… a perspective


I am feeling impulsed to write.  I have been triggered a few times over some weeks, so now its time to take the shot. Thank god for blogs…  I can spit out my thoughts and have the eyes of curious other’s read them.  My inner voice can be experienced in and through the reader.

Pride week has ended… and I am incredibly happy to have experienced it.  I am happy because this past Sunday 650,000 people can into the downtown core of Vancouver. They came to a Gay Pride Parade and Celebrations that has been happening annually for 65 years…  They came to Celebrate.  They came to Celebrate Diversity, Liberty, Happiness, Life, etc.  Pride has become so much more than a brave Expression of Gay Rights. It is a way for us to recognize the differences among us and to Celebrate them.  What a Gift.  I do not know of another day where there is so much Joy, Christmas included.

650,000 people!  I am curious to know the stats here.  What were the arrests? At what rate did people fight? Were there many tears, beyond the tears of Joy?  This past Sunday, I rode a float through the thousands of people, and my heart was filled to the brim with Joy and Happiness.  People were there to support, express, and just have Fun!  The sun was out.  The smiles were on.

I am a gay man, and I am Proud of it.  I have come through my own inner turmoil and have grasped the very essence of who I am and I hold that essence, chin up, with Pride.  I am gay, and I fucking love it.  I am incredibly moved by the contrasting experiences of my compatriots living in Russia, Ecuador, Nigeria, etc.  Any gay person who tells me that they “don’t do Pride” or who scoff at the occasion need a swift kick in the rump. Show some Respect.  Take a look through the lens of a different perspective… there is another way to view this colourful day.

A friend voiced his distaste for Pride to me tonight and it clearly highlighted this intense feeling of frustration and sadness inside me. I learned that it is the negative attributes of Pride that cause this friend to feel this negative way.  It is in the chaos, the drugs, and the sex-driven shenanigans that this particular person finds distaste.  Fair.  That shit makes anything distasteful.  Same can be said for Halloween, New Years, and any other major party night. The darkness always shows its ugly face.

Darkness aside… this colourful day should bloody well be Respected.  And yes, I said, “should.” I grew up in a country where I was allowed to be gay, even though my upbringing and socialization told me otherwise. I can only imagine the incessant difficulty involved with living as a homosexual in any of the countries that incriminate and even kill for it. We have Rights, and most of them come from our forefathers taking marches down the streets asking for them.  Today, we carry the Tradition, with incredible Strength, with 650,000 Supporters.  Look how far we have come.

I Celebrated this Pride for the souls around the world who couldn’t even Dream of the Gift that we as Canadians have been given.  I Love who I Love, and they cannot love who they love.  I kiss who I want to kiss… and I do not have to fear a deadly retribution.

My eyes wandered the crowds this weekend, and I saw so much Life. So much Light. I cannot simply sit here and leave this feeling unexpressed.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions…naturally, and here is mine: any homosexual who scoffs and undermines this powerful day of LGBTQ Pride needs a perspective adjustment.  If history played out differently,  it could have been you hanged, stoned, humiliated, or imprisoned.  Sure we face hardships as gay men, lesbian women, transgendered people, transexuals, queers, two-spirited individuals, bisexuals, etc… and I feel it is our Duty to stand up together and show the world that we are simply humans wishing to express Love.  It’s not about how we have sex. It’s about being True to ourselves. It’s about Love.

Why a Rainbow?  Well… some say each colour represents a different sexual identity… and although this may be true, I see it differently.  Let me ask you a question.  How do you feel when you look into the sky and see a Rainbow?  The rain is clearing, and the light of the sun is pouring through the clouds.  Rainbows are a prime example of everything that is tiful on this planet… and these Celebrations are the same.  Few, if any, people look into the sky and say “Ewww, that rainbow is ugly… it makes me sick…”  No, it is awesome.  It inspires awe.  So can we.

No shut up and show a little respect for our brother and sisters who are suffering



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