“Not Worthy of a News Story” by Kaja Tecza

Hello world…

Take a listen to this track written and performed by Kaja Tecza, one of my peers in my Social Work program. Please share it forward. This is such an important subject to raise awareness about, and this song does it in a beautiful way.  I am touched and hope that more people hear this song.

To quote Kaja:

“Hello Everyone! This is a song I wrote for a class about Indigenous Issues in Canada.
It goes out to all the missing and murdered Aboriginal women, their ancestors and their families. If you aren’t aware of this issue already, educate yourself by googling “Sisters in Spirit” or the “Redress Project“.

Here is the link to my song! It’s an iPhone recording so it’s not great, but it’s more about the words anyways. Let me know what you think!

It’s called “Not Worthy of a News Story“”

…it’s beautiful. …it’s heartbreaking. …it’s so important.


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