About this so called Chad

I’m a guy who wants to learn more about the world. I believe that the way we do that is by interacting with it… be it traversing the continents or simply having a chat with a stranger. We are social creatures, part of a magnificent global network, and I want to continue socializing.

I have spent 17 months traveling around the world and am keen to add to that number. I am blown away by the diversity on this planet. This life that has been laid before me provides me with an array of intrigue. Every day is a journey, and I am an excited explorer. I hope that through my new travelogue, others will too be propelled into a journey… be it with a rucksack or perhaps a simple trip into one’s own imagination.

As a student of Social Work at the University of British Columbia, I am moving deeper and deeper into the world of global troubles and difficulties. I walk with intent, intend to make a difference, add some light, and clear the rubbish that has fallen on the paths of others. We can each do our part, and here I am, doing mine.


2 thoughts on “About this so called Chad

  1. soulpowerful says:

    Such an inspirational profile, Chad!

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